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  • 2023
    • Big Thank you to Natalie for the wonderful hand drawn picture of Flying Cats in Tuna Cans presented to me at the CFF show in Sutton, MA Thanksgiving weekend! I Love it!
    • Flying Cats in Tuna Cans
  • May 2022
    • WONDERFUL NEWS!! RW QGC Bodi is proud to announce that 2 of his sons and 3 of his daughters have had an amazing show year in several Federations!!
      • Congratulations to TICA SGC PiperbrookRags Zebulon, TICA QGC PiperbrookRags Kris of HappyKatRags, TICA CH PiperbrookRags Sandy, & TICA CH PiperbrookRags Gabi of HappyKatRags.
      • Congratulations to CFA Champions PiperbrookRags Kris of HappyKatRags, PiperbrookRags Gabi of HappyKatRags & HappyKatRags Izzy
    • Hoping for another great show year coming up!!
  • September 2020
    • I’ve added a new section called Someday, it contains serious content. There is also a wonderful poem under the Tributes tab called the Breeders Poem. Please take a moment to view these areas. The About Ragdolls tab has also been updated. Stay safe and be well in these uncertain times.
  • January 2020
    • Tripp is now a CFF Master Grand Champion, he earned this honor at the Ragdoll Fanciers Club show in Jan 2020.
    • Tripp got a special award from the Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club, it just arrived in the mail one day, a printed page and a ribbon. You can see them on his page.
    • He also received 2 beautiful handmade ornament awards, one for his Best Cat win, and one for his Best Ragdoll win. These were handmade by Ms. Terry Collins.
  • December 2019
    • Miss Ziva received 2 Bests at her very first CFF adult show and is now a Champion in that Federation also!
    • Nixie has found his forever home, he is reunited with his favorite girl, Bing. I cannot think of a more fitting outcome, a true Romeo & Juliette story with a happy ending! Thank you Alexis & Mary!
    • I’d like to paraphrase that line from that song to introduce: I love, I love, I love, I love my calendar girl – Miss July 2020, Riley of Happy Kat Rags
Miss July 2020
  • October/November 2019
    • Over the Halloween Weekend, we attended the Nauticats show in Montreal in the Olympic Stadium, what an amazing building, lovely city.
    • Delafee came out of retirement to help a low cat count at a show and
      she earned another final! Go Fee!!
    • Bodi took 5 finals and is now a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion,
    • Tripp earned 7 finals, but not the one he needs. He continued to enjoy the meet and greet with spectators, and there were thousands of them, both days. Incredible! Both boys are now chasing the elusive best.
    • Ziva earned a boat load of points, her number was put up for a final, I put her in the cage, and the judge said oh, I couldn’t read my writing, I made a mistake, take her back and get over it. Wow, feeling the love! No matter, she’s already a champion and I’m so proud of her!
  • October 2019
    • Bodi is now a TICA TRIPLE Grand Champion!
    • So excited! Ms Riley found her Purrever Home!
  • September 2019
    • Triple play in the Ragdoll Fancier’s Club and CFF this year !!
    • Master Grand Champion Riley, Double Grand Champion Day Tripper, Double Grand Champion Maksim ! First, Second and Third Best Ragdolls!
    • You can see their Ribbons on our Show Page!
  • August 2019
    • We were beyond excited and nervous as our wonderful Riley was expecting her first litter. This turned to despair and heartbreak on 8/29 when Riley attempted to deliver her kittens. As a result of this medical emergency, Riley has been lost to our program. She reached awesome heights in the show rings, but more importantly she touched so many people in her travels, with an amazing affinity for individuals with special needs and handicapped children and adults. She is now up for adoption to the right family.
  • July 2019
    • Attended the Regional Show & Banquet in Windsor, CT. We met new friends & cats, collected our awards from last show season, and generally had a good time. We’re still tired from last year’s season, and very glad we have nothing on the calendar’s until Nov! Check out the first photo in At The Shows to see the huge ribbons and color award certificates!
    • We welcomed a new addition to the HappyKat Ragdoll Family, a Seal Colorpoint named Ziva, hopefully she will  be ready to be out on the circuit in the fall. Right now she’s having too much fun growing and being a kitten, as well she should!
  • June 2019
    • We attended the CFF National show in Auburn, MA on the 1st & 2nd. Sunday we celebrated Riley’s Master Grand & Tripp’s Grand with a cake! We also had several important guests, Tripp’s brother Cloud was in his first show with his & Sassy’s boy Ivan. We have photos on our Show & Gallery pages. We’ll celebrate Maksim’s Double Grand win at a future show.
    • We traveled to Maryland for a show in the MA Region, but most importantly to attend the seminars the day before being run by the Winn Foundation, a very worthy charity that has resulted in many important breakthroughs in the cat world: genetics experts, cat behaviorists, and updates to important health information that as breeders we need to know. They were very well run, informative, with excellent Q & A sessions, and good snacks !
  • May 2019
    • We attended a local CFA show in Concord, NH – Bodi earned his Championship, he & Tripp had their professional photos retaken.
  • April 2019
    • A very busy month show wise, ramping up, pushing towards the end of the TICA show year. We attended our usual show in Sherbrooke, QC, a new show in the Toronto area the next weekend, then at the end of the month, the Cambridge, MA show where we literally froze in a skating rink. We were promised it would be warmer than last year, but it was much worse. Judges were in winter coats, as were exhibitors, along with winter hats and I saw some gloves too. Thank goodness the cats have fur coats ! Bodi had a last minute rally, missed an RW by a sliver, but earned both his Grand and Double Grand Championships, so proud of him! He’s taking after his daddy, Maksim!
  • March 2019
    • The CFF show was wonderful, our Riley did it! She earned the title of Master Grand Champion, and her younger brother Tripp earned his Grand Champion. Maksim also sat out this show. We went on a road trip to Chantilly, VA. Challenging driving conditions going down, I drove home the scenic route, (via Gettysburg & Hershey, PA), much better! We enjoyed the 3 day TICA show & Pet Expo, earned more points, met new friends, new feline characters, a sweet Bombay named Rae-Rae and had a good experience.
  • February 2019
    • Attending the Natick show was a VERY difficult time for me as it was the 1 year anniversary to the very day of Bing’s medical emergency. It was Bodi’s first adult show, he became a Champion because Alex, a judge, did not suffer from “bicolor blindness” and saw Bodi the cat, not just a pattern. His win, meeting new Ragdoll people, seeing old friends were the only good things that came from that show.
    • The “not so good” involved a cat from Europe. It should be noted that ANY cat can generally enter ANY show. He was shown by an agent. A good agent has a responsibility to treat that cat as their own, be aware of it’s standing and history, to know which rings to participate in, and which to sit out. There is an unwritten professional courtesy that you do not enter certain rings once you have reached a particular level. Said rings are designed to give all cats a FAIR chance of also achieving that level. Many exhibitors were adversely affected at this show
    • For the first time we experienced the negative side of the cat fancy.
  • January 2019
    • Ragdoll Fanciers Club show, always fun no matter what the New England winter weather! This year was cold and clear. We continued on the quest for points. Maksim sat out this show.
  • December 2018
    • CFF National Show, 8-9 December 2018
      • Our 3 Novices; Annika, Bodi & Day Tripper became CFF Champions!
      • Riley continued her Show Presence on her way to Master Grand Champions.
      • Maksim wasn’t ‘feeling’ it this weekend so he stayed home on Sunday.
    • The 2019 CFF Calendar is out! Guess who made ‘Mr. July’?! Click here to find out!
  • November 2018
    • CFA Show 3 – 4 in Dover, NH
      • Tripper went to his first CFA Show! He did a wonderful job: 6 Finals & 2 Specialty Finals!
  • October 2018
    • TICA Show 27 -28 in Hartford, CT
      • Tripp had another successful show, earning his Triple Grand Championship and missing out on his Quad by a sliver of points, only his second show, so proud of him!
      • His wonderful Auntie Gisele acted as agent for me at this show. She took some good natured ribbing as this is not the usual breed she shows. She’s an angel!
    • TICA Show 20 -21 Quebec City, Quebec
      • Tripper earned his Champion & Grand Champion on Saturday, then his Double Grand Championship at his first adult TICA Show.
  • September 2018
    • Was a quiet month relaxing with no shows in sight for a while so we did some housekeeping.
    • We switched over to the awesome litter boxes known as NVR Miss! Oh Happy Day!
      • I highly recommend them !! Good size, great height, cuts down on litter going outside the box, and keeps “everything” INSIDE the box as kitties are forced to turn around and face either end. They position the kitties properly in the cat box!
      • Check them out at www.nvrmiss.com
  • August 2018
    • He did IT! Maksim got a BEST Cat at the NE Regional show, so he is now a RW Supreme Grand Champion! So, so proud of him.
  • July 2018
    • The 2018 color awards are in for the TICA District of the Northeast!
      Maksim is the Best Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll of the year!
      Delafee is the Best Chocolate Point Bicolor Ragdoll of the year!
      Riley is the 2nd Best Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point/Mitted Ragdoll of the year!
    • Girl Power!! The TICA International Color Awards are in for 2018 and our girls both earned awards!
      Riley is the 3rd Best Seal Lynx(Tabby) Point/Mitted Ragdoll of the year!
      Delafee is the 3rd Best Chocolate Point Bicolor Ragdoll of the year!!
  • June 2018
    • He did it ! RW QGC Maksim is the # 1 Ragdoll in the district of the Northeast! So proud of him!
      Maksim also placed 18th in the Top 25 Championship Cats & # 9 in the Top 25 Long Hair Cats.
    • RW QGC Riley placed # 17 in the Long Hair Cats – girl power!
  • May 2018
    • The Annual CFF Parade of Perfection awards are in, and I’m so thrilled!  Phoenix, Riley, Maksim & Delafee all earned awards!  Please see their individual pages for the complete listing of their awards!  I’m so proud of them all!!
  • April 2018
    • Phoenix earned his Master Grand in CFF!! Go Nixie!! He has now officially retired to concentrate on the ladies. Riley earned her Triple & Quadruple Titles. Now she has also joined the quest for the Best to earn her Supreme in TICA. Riley also earned her Grand in CFF, now working towards her Master Grand!
  • March 2018
    • Riley earned her Grand & Double Grand, while her brother Maksim eared his Triple & Quadruple Titles. He is now chasing the elusive Best finish to Supreme. Maksim also became a daddy! He & Delafee welcomed 2 little boys !!
  • February 2018 – when I learned the meaning of bittersweet on 2-17-2018.
    • My precious Bing had blessed us with kittens, only to suffer a medical emergency. My wonderful vet, Dr. Patricia Hart saved her life, but she can never have kittens again. This happened at the exact same time her son Maksim earned his Grand & Double Grand Championship titles at the Natick TICA show. I didn’t even know it until later because Bing was my focus. Incredible highs, and devastating lows on the same day, truly bittersweet.
  • January 2018
    • Riley is now a 3 Federation Champion just like her Daddy Phoenix!
    • Maksim is now a 3 Federation Champion and is working on his points towards Grand Champion in all 3!
    • Ms. Sassy has Retired and answered a higher calling as a loving companion to a wonderful autistic young man & his family!