Phoenix “Nixie”

CFF Master Grand Champion

TICA & CFA Champion

Nixie has found his forever home, he is reunited with his favorite girl, Bing. I cannot think of a more fitting outcome, a true Romeo & Juliette story with a happy ending ! Thank you Alexis & Mary!

My precious, sweet, goofy boy, a true gentleman with the ladies, the father of many champions and the founder of a new dynasty. Your name, Phoenix, is truly fitting as you brought my cattery back from the ashes. While I am sad that what might have been will now never be known, I am so thankful for all you have given me. Now you will rejoin your Bing, “flying free together” for many years to come! I want you to know that my love, gratitude and best wishes go with you. I thank you for everything, you & Bing created magic together ! You both have a special place in my heart, always.
The Emperor and Empress of Happy Kat Rags.

Nixie & Bing Together Again


Nixie is a Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point, High Mitted Bicolor
HCM & PKD Negative, DNA Tested – Dilute +/- Chocolate -/-

CFF Show Year 2017-2018 Parade of Perfection

3rd Best Cat National
3rd Best Cat Eastern Region
BEST Ragdoll National
BEST Ragdoll Eastern Region
BEST Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll

CFF show year 2016-2017 Parade of Perfection

12th Best Cat National
2nd Best Ragdoll National
Best Ragdoll Eastern Region
Best Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll

You go Nixie !! We’re so proud of you !!

Baby Pictures of Nixie at 8 weeks old

Nixie, a wonderful father to his kittens!

(These pictures were printed and encased in plastic. Unfortunately, they became damaged and the originals were on a computer that crashed. Cannot express enough the importance of back ups!)

Fun Photos of Nixie!