Available Ragdoll Kittens

Please check back as all HappyKat Ragdoll Kittens have found their Purrever Homes!

Examples of some of our Past Ragdoll Kitten litters

Contact Us about Kitten availability or to get on our Contact List.

My kittens are like my children, it’s my responsibility to nurture and guide them, encourage proper scratching post behavior, teach them good table etiquette, and most importantly, place them in the right forever home.

I take my responsibilities very seriously.

Effective Immediately (July 2020): The contact list will be in place for 4 month increments. At the end of this time if no litters will be available, you will be notified and can stay on, or opt off the list.

Happy Kat Rags Reserves the Right to Refuse a Ragdoll Kitten Sale for any Reason at ANY  Time!

Please contact us for kitten availability if nothing is posted here, or to be put on our future Contact List.

I make no promises or predictions on color, sex, or pattern. I am thrilled to have happy, healthy babies, period. Whatever is given to me, I love and take care of, and start them on the road to adulthood.

Very occasionally breeder and or show quality kittens may be available to approved catteries only. Please contact me for terms and pricing.

Pet kittens will be altered at approximately 14-16 weeks of age and have had their rabies shot. They will have had 2 or 3 3-way shots, been dewormed and have had a flea prevention treatment if necessary.

Kittens will be able to be registered in TICA, CFA and CFF.

When it’s time for them to go to their forever home, they will be accompanied by food, litter, toys and a new carrier.

Because Ragdolls take a long time to grow and mature, 14-16 weeks is an approximate time frame. They will be altered at a minimum of 3 lbs and when I’m comfortable with their growth and progress. Their health and welfare is my priority.