Bing Bing

CFF & CFA CH Bing Bing

2017 TICA  IW 3rd Best Seal Point Ragdoll of the Year

2017 TICA 2nd Best Seal Point Ragdoll of the Year Region of the Northeast

Our Precious Bing suffered medical complications while delivering her second litter in February and has now become a pampered and much loved pet. She blessed us with her son Maksim & daughter Riley from her first litter. Though lightening doesn’t strike twice, we’re hopeful for her son and daughter that we’re evaluating from her second and last litter. We love you Bing, and we thank you for everything ! Enjoy your retirement!!

CH Bing Bing

Bing is a Seal Point
HCM & PKD Negative, DNA Tested – Dilute +/- Chocolate -/-